Local America Presidential Forum from Waterloo - Pete Buttigieg - Dec 6, 2019


Pete is interview by Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot.

This video includes all the candidates. Pete begins around 3:30:00



The Local America Presidential Forum, welcomed to Waterloo by Mayor Quentin Hart, was hosted by Accelerator for America and the United States Conference of Mayors, and was sponsored by Iowa Starting Line and Mediacom.

The forum connected the wide-ranging federal issues on debate stages to the local implementation and impacts mayors and voters see and feel directly in their communities. Mayors are on the front lines of serving voters, and the discussion with candidates focused on how federal policies will drive local economies in hometowns across America.

Grinnell College, Iowa - Pete Buttigieg - Dec 6, 2019

FULL VIDEO - The intros start around 10:00 on this C-Span video.

A protest happened in Grinnell and Pete handled it beautifully;

Pete Speaks at the UFCW Forum in Altoona, IA

The United Food and Commercial Workers held this candidate forum in Altoona, Iowa on October 13, 2019.

Pete Buttigieg speaks at the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Presidential Forum. Video includes introduction by Anthony "Marc" Perrone, followed by Pete's speech and a remark from Joe Biden. Microphone bursts/scuffs have been edited out. Pete's speech starts at about 6:30 Biden's remark is at 33:14

In Case you missed it: Sept 13-28

This week includes the Iowa bus tour, Texas Tribute Fest, Nevada and more. Great behind-the-scenes footage!