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The list of Pete Buttigieg/ Pete For America podcasts is long and rich. CHECK OUT THIS PAGE for a complete list. We’ll highlight some of our favorites here.

good guy pete — all episodes!

This is the best Pete Buttigieg podcast and a must listen. It’s put together by three folks in South Bend. Each episode talks about initiatives Pete has done in the city and about life in South Bend under Mayor Pete. If you want the REAL SCOOP on how Pete has transformed his city, and not the MSM clickbait take, listen to this podcast. THE EPISODE WITH CHASTEN BUTTIGIEG IS OUTSTANDING.



Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about the rise Bernie Sanders, the hurdles he faces with black voters and whether or not he's actually gay.

angela rye: the road to 2020: Pete Buttigieg - Jan 23, 2020

Angela Rye interviews Pete on a variety of subjects. Terrific interview.

the daily - The Candidates: Pete Buttigieg - Nov 22, 2019

Today we launch Part One in our series on pivotal moments in the lives of the 2020 presidential front-runners. In studio with “The Daily,” Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., talks about how his lifelong political ambitions were complicated by the secret he kept for decades.



pod free or die - oct 31, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined host Jake Lahut to talk about his presidential campaign during a recent stop in Peterborough.

RJ POLITICS - Oct 25, 2019

Detailed discussion of Pete’s Medicare For All Who Want It plan (vs Medicare for All) and the state of the race in Nevada. There’s a bit of an intro and then Pete comes on around 22:00. There’s a gorgeous video of Pete’s interview on this podcast here.


VIDEO of the podcast is linked. This podcast features the two co-hosts discussing Buttigieg and the fiscal realities of his policies (as opposed to Warren and Sanders). They analyze him quite favorably. Really interesting discussion. NOTE: This is a discussion about Pete. Pete is not on this podcast.


David is joined by Mike Schmuhl, campaign manager for Pete Buttigieg for a look at Mayor Pete’s potential road to the White House, not politicizing impeachment, disagreeing without being disagreeable, managing prep for next week’s debate, and feeling good about where the Buttigieg campaign is in the polls.


Wonderful interview with Lis Smith about what it’s like working on Pete Buttigieg’s campaign. She discussed her job, what Pete is really like, what they do day to day, and more.


This is a terrific interview with Pete, getting down into the details of legislating drug companies in a way that encourages innovation but prevents price gouging. I love Pete’s nuanced take and the way he brings it back, always, to how it affects people’s everyday lives. Must listen!

your first million - bonus episode with pete buttigieg - AUG 27, 2019

“In this bonus episode, I have an impromptu conversation with Pete Buttigieg after moderating his town hall style Q&A session in Oakland on August 27th, 2019. I also speak with his Press Secretary, Nina Smith, about being a Black woman in one of the highest position on his campaign.”

This is a short interview but has an interesting POV from a skeptical host who’s a woman of color.

fired up! with pete buttigieg - AUG 27, 2019

In South Bend, Mayor Pete Buttigieg joins Brad to talk Millennials, Nintendo’s “Baseball Stars,” and his break-through 2020 Presidential campaign.

Don’t miss the Hooters discussion at 34:45.

NPR Latino USA: A conversation with pete buttigieg - Jul 26, 2019

Buttigieg is in a wide-open primary race for the Democratic nomination to challenge President Trump. Since throwing his hat in the ring, he has gone from a virtually unknown second-term mayor, to a viable candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Latino USA's Maria Hinojosa sits down with Pete Buttigieg for an in-depth conversation about his thoughts on immigration, race relations in the Midwest, and telling the truth.


Ken Harbaugh sits down with Mayor Pete Buttigieg to explore what service means to him and the responsibilities that elected officials have to individuals who sign up for military service. Pete’s segment begins at (14:43)

This is a great discussion of Pete’s military service and his thoughts on the military, foreign conflict, and the role of commander-in-chief.

BLAIR GARNER - Jul 17, 2019

This one has an interesting story. Pete was doing a stump stop in Nashville and called a local country radio station’s political guy, Blair Garner, to ask for an interview. Mr. Garner was “incredibly flattered” and jumped on the chance. He interviewed Pete in the studio, but then the station boss, a Trump supporter apparently, would not let him air it. So Mr. Garner put it up on Soundcloud and tweeted about it. This is a terrific 20 minute interview about religion, conservativism and country music. I love that Pete is willing to reach out to conservative voters. Must listen.

RECODE DECODE - Jul 15, 2019

In depth nerd vs nerd discussion highlighting tech and tech regulation, running while gay, and Pete’s Douglass Plan. Pete is asked who is his favorite president! You can also see the VIDEO of this interview here.


the axe files - jul 14, 2019

David Axelrod has an intense discussion with Pete about the Douglass Plan, South Bend, his candidacy, coming out and more. There is a video version of this interview, but the podcast has an additional 17 minutes of content.

artsvote- Jun 2, 2019

Ben Folds interviews Pete Buttigieg about education and the importance of the Arts. Outstanding interview.


nrp politics podcast - may 21, 2019

“On the Trail with Pete Buttigieg”. his episode Tamara Keith and Iowa Public Radio's Clay Masters sit down with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg to ask about why he's the best pick for president.


lgbtq&a - “The big gay interview” - apr 23, 2019

Pete Buttigieg takes a break from the campaign trail to talk with Jeffrey Masters about his history-making candidacy, serving in the Navy under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, fighting climate change, and the most millennial thing ever: meeting his husband on a dating app. 

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post reports podcast - apr 9, 2019

Sarah Pulliam Bailey on likely presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s faith. Pete talks over the phone about his Christianity and about a revival among the religious left. PETE STARTS at 10:40

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the ezra klein show - apr 1, 2019

Ezra and Pete dig into political philosophy - cool new material quite different from Pete’s stump speech.


A candid and casual interview with Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee about honestly in politics, running as an openly gay candidate, and Pete’s agenda for black America (this was well before The Douglass Plan).

kuow speakers forum - meet pete - mar 21, 2019

In this episode of Speakers Forum, he discusses his latest book, "Shortest Way Home: One Mayor's Challenge and a Model for America's Future." Buttigieg talks about the personal and political aspects of being a mayor. He also comments that handling a mayorship can be like “changing channels every five minutes between The Wire, Parks and Recreation, and, occasionally, Veep.”


deconstructed with mehdi hasan podcast - mar 21, 2019

Mayor Pete on Trump, Islamophobia, and his presidential campaign.

the weeds.jpg

the weeds - mar 12, 2019

Dara, Jane, and Matt sit down with the South Bend, Indiana, mayor and presidential candidate, live from South by Southwest. Great early interview.


stay tuned with preet podcast - mar 7, 2019

Mayor Pete interview. (“The Youngest Candidate”). PETE STARTS at 15:40.

pod save america.jpeg

pod save america - mar 1, 2019

Great conversation on Pete’s potential candidacy, climate change, farting cows and more.

water in real life podcast - “service, smart sewers, and slaying the basics” - mar, 2019

Discussion with Pete Buttigieg on the importance of water and sewer infrastructure.

Texas tribute festival - “How Cities are Tackling Climate Change” - Sep 23, 2017

Kiah Collier, reporter for The Texas Tribune, moderated the “How Cities are Tackling Climate Change” panel featuring Steve Adler, Pete Buttigieg, Ron Nirenberg and Annise Parker at The Texas Tribune Festival on Sept. 23, 2017.