Talking about Pete

Pundits & people discuss the Pete Buttigieg / Pete For America campaign



“It’s time to pass the torch”. Interviews Iowans John and Teri Hale.


msnbc: saying you’re electable isn’t enough - nov 2, 2019

Contrasting Biden to the “prepared” and “well-spoken” Liz and Pete.

fish fry - carol is for pete - nov 2, 2019

A reporter following Pete to a Fish Fry talked to a passerby who just switched from Warren to Pete

CNN about the LJ DINNER - nov 2, 2019

“If you close your eyes you can hear a little bit of Barack Obama.” Pundits discuss Pete at the dinner.


There was a nice segment on Hardball tonight in which Chris Matthews compares Biden and Buttigieg’s odds in Iowa. Extremely Pete positive!

HARDBALL: BUTTIGIEG could win - OCT 30, 2019

Chris Matthews talks about the new Suffolk poll and how undecided the Dem race is. “Buttigieg would easily win.”

CNN: 3 things drawing dems to BUTTIGIEG - OCT 30, 2019

Good discussion of Iowa, of past campaigns, and Pete’s chances. Compares him to Obama.

He’s a good man - Oct 25, 2019

Johnnie Cordero, Chairman Dem. Black Caucus SC talks about Pete on CNN. He doesn’t think Pete has a problem with black voters other than not being well known.

What do you think of buttigieg - Oct 24, 2019

Julie Andrews says she really likes Pete Buttigieg. (Starts from 3:20)

What do you think of buttigieg - Oct 26, 2019

Local NH station covers Pete’s rally at Colby-Sawyer College.

the state hornet - oct, 2019

“Mayor Pete focuses on inclusion during West Sacramento campaign stop”. Fun student report about Pete’s rally in Sacrament.

pete’s got a pulse in iowa - oct 6, 2019

On Meet the Press, pundits talk about new doubts about Sander’s health and how someone else might sneak in in Iowa. Guess who?

Buttigieg enters top 3 in iowa

From NECN in Maine, David Paleologos, Suffolk Political Research Center, joins Primary Source to discuss the significance of Mayor Pete Buttigieg's jump in the latest poll from Iowa. Really good!

fox news on buttigieg’s bus tour - Sept 28, 2019

Quite good video segment about Pete’s campaign in Iowa and the bus tour.

primary source - oct 2, 2019

This short clip compares Trump tweeting out congrats to China on their 70-year dicatatorship vs Pete tweeting out support for Hong Kong.

Ben Platt on the view - oct 2, 2019

Ben and the ladies of The View discuss 2020 candidates, and Ben admits he has a “soft spot” for Mayor Pete. The studio audience seems to agree.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Buttigieg the “sleeper” candidate - Sept 23, 2019

Nice bit on Hardball in which Chris discusses Buttigieg as the sleeper candidate in Iowa.

Buttigieg had the best response on any debate

The night before the September debates, @PoliticsReid tells Chuck Todd that Buttigieg’s attack on the religious right was the most powerful moment in the debates so far.⁩

Buttigieg has the best message: generational change

Bill Kristol agrees on the Chuck Todd show. “Really, we’re going to put up a 70-year-old?” Buttigieg has a wining message with generational change.

Is america ready to elect a gay man?

Charlemagne Tha God defends Pete on CNN. He thinks so! Sep 6, 2019

the only one with an agenda for black america

More of the interview with Charlemagne Tha God on CNN. Douglass Plan. Sep 6, 2019

Buttigieg surrogate jennifer holdsworth

Just ahead of the July debates, a Buttigeig surrogate and a Sanders surrogate argue about campaign finance and the way forward. Jul 2019

howard stern talks pete

“Incredibly intelligent”. Interview with Anderson Cooper in May 2019.

rachel maddow: pete’s performance in debates 1 & 2

Rachel highlights two great Pete debate moments in the lead up fo debate #3. Aug 24, 2019

charlemagne with don lemon

“Would America vote for a gay man”? Charlemagne says yes.

jonathan capehart on MSNBC - aug 13, 2019

Capeheart describes how people in NC showed a lot of interest in Buttigieg at a BBQ Capehart attended.

george takai talks pete

George discusses Pete with Howard Stern. He has nice things to say about Pete and Chasten. Date is around Aug 12, 2019

bill mahler and seth mcfarlane talk pete

They both think “he could be the guy”


Great local Detroit TV coverage of Pete supporters after the Detroit debates. Click on the image to view the video.

claire mcCaskill praises pete’s polyglot skills on MSNBC - Feb, 2019

Claire McCaskill, former Sen. of Missouri, makes Pete do an “aw shucks” with her praise about his multiple languages (and she hits Trump at the same time).

thomas friedman talks pete on ac360 - Jul 22, 2019

They’re discussing the debates and Friedman talks about what he likes about Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

OUt & About Nashville - Pete’s Rally

Nice little video about the Pete Buttigieg rally in Nashville last week including locals talking about why they love Pete.

Dr. Jason Johnson gives Buttigieg the winner of the week - Jul 22, 2019

For his rollout of The Douglass Plan. Morning Joy

Van Jones on cnn: “Pete Buttigieg is a potential phenomenon - Jul 19, 2019

Discussion is about the second debates - Pete vs Beto.

Stephanie Ruhle - Jul 17, 2019

Stephanie and her guests discuss Q2 fundraising. Very Pete positive.

thomas friedman “Like pete” - Jul 18, 2019

On MSNBC with Brian Williams, Friedman (NY Times columnist) talks about how Dems can win in 2020 against Trump and who he likes (hint: it’s Pete).

This week...The Issue Is...the Presidency & racism. - Jul 20, 2019

On “The Issue Is…”, Harvey Levin of TMZ talks about why he believes Mayor Pete Buttigieg is using the media more effectively than any other candidate. (3:30)