OUR TOP TEN pete buttigieg videos


These are all worth watching. More than once! If you’re new to Pete Buttigieg / Pete For America, or looking to turn on a friend, this lists is your best bet.

iowa caucuses victory speech - feb 3, 2020

Why we love it: Perhaps Pete’s most powerful speech yet. It’s Pete’s vision for America and for building a coalition of people of all kinds to move the country forward. Very presidential.

US Conference of Mayors — Keynote - Jan 23, 2020

Why we love it: In this keynote speech, Pete addresses his fellow community of mayors and talks about why it’s MAYORS who get things done. Great sense of comraderie. Pete is among his friends here, relaxed and funny but hard-hitting too.

Angry American Interview - Dec 12, 2019

Why we love it: This podcast is hosted by a veteran and the conversation dives into Pete’s time in Afghanistan, what it means to be a leader, a Commander-In-Chief and an American. The state of our politics today and why it has to change. This is a terrific interview to share with family and friends.

jonathan capehart interview at 92 street y - may 22, 2019

Why we love it: A relaxed and deep interview—Capehart has interesting and unusual questions that take this interview far from stump speech territory. There are some very personal moments in this interview.

Highlights/Viral moments:

  • Chasten’s tweets and instagram are discussed

  • Pete’s answer on whether he should repent of his marriage

pete’s announces his bid for president of the united states

Why we love it: This is where it begins. The excitement, optimism, and sheer joy are palpable.


  • The introduction by Austin Mayor Steve Adler is terrific - 1:03

  • Pete’s speech begins - 1:16

  • Chasten joins Pete on stage - 1:54

liberty justice dinner - nov 2, 2019

Why we love it: This is President Pete, flexing his team’s organizational muscle, and giving a speech that is 100% POTUS.

The Texas Tribune Fest 2019 - Sep 27, 2019

This is a fantastic, in-depth interview on every thing from the whistleblower and impeachment, to democratic strategy, to how he compares to Biden and Warren, to the meaning of the presidency. Must watch.

Fox Town Hall - May 19, 2019

Why we love it: Pete’s at his best when challenged, and he was definitely psyched up for this “hostile territory” showcase. Yet the audience was, for the most part, totally onboard, and host Chris Wallace clearly respects Pete. Pete commands the room and gets a standing ovation. Video at left is Part I. Also see PART 2, PART 3, and PART 4.

Highlights/Viral moments:

  • Pete’s answer on abortion “I trust women to draw the line.” - 8:21

  • Pete on Trump “It is the nature of grotesque things that you can’t look away.” & “I don’t care.” - Part 2 12:00

  • Pete slams Fox hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham on Fox. Part 2 13:23

pete on identity politics

Why we love it: This is a fan made video, made by the uber talented Kenny (Twitter). It combines Pete’s speech at the Human Rights Coalition about identity politics with moving images.


“Bully Pulpit” interview at College of Charleston - Aug 17, 2019

Fantastic, relaxed interview. Must see Q&A.


Why we love it: THIS GEM from Feb 2019 recently crossed by YouTube feed. It’s an early version of the speech Pete later gives at the Victory Fund in April 2019. Here it’s much rawer and more emotional and Chasten is in the audience.

I’m adding this to our “Top Ten” videos. Yes, it’s that good. If you are interested in Pete’s LGBTQ status and history, or his marriage, this is THE speech.

the breakfast club - mar 26, 2019

Why we love it: A candid and casual interview with Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee about honestly in politics, running as an openly gay candidate, and Pete’s agenda for black America (this was well before The Douglass Plan).


Why we love it: Activist Pete is the best Pete, standing up against oppression, prejudice, and hatred.

His speech starts at 1:11.


Why we love it: Pete’s new video team is hot stuff! This is I think one of their first promo videos and it’s fast-paced, full of humor and inspiration, and dogs! So fun you may not be able to stop watching it.

victory fund - JUN 28, 2019

Why we love it: This video is from the night The Victory Fund endorses Pete for president. Pete gives an inspiring stump speech, but the best part is the “Pete & Chasten Show” that starts at 11:00. Chasten picks questions from a fishbowl and they’ve got some very funny bits in this appearance.

BONUS: THe Douglass Plan

Speech given at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition on Jul 2, 2019. Pete unveils the details of his policy The Douglass Plan.