vintage pete videos


Pete Buttigieg / Pete For America videos. These gems are before his candidacy. Pete’s always been Pete—brilliant, deep-thinking, concerned with justice, and kind.


buttigieg becomes mayor of south bend, November 8th, 2011

Vintage video from the day Pete, at 29 years old, became mayor of South Bend, Ind. This is posted on reddit.

million hoodie march south bend, march 2012

Pete has always involved himself in activism and protests. In this rare 2012 video, he speaks at a march for Trayvon Martin. He had just been elected as mayor. Video links to the post on Good Guy Pete’s twitter.

ted talks: How one mayor forged his city’S FUTURE BY RETHINKING ITS PAST — 2015

This Ted Talk from 2015 is a look at how charming and intelligent Pete was well before he decided to run for president.

2015 John F. Kennedy New Frontier Awards — Nov 2015

Pete Buttigieg wins a John F. Kennedy award for his courage in coming out and his service to his hometown. Great into by Joe Kennedy.

Joe Kennedy’s intro of Pete talking about his leadership in South Bend - starts at 11:45

Pete speaks - starts at 15:00

saving america’s dying cities, Fusion, Oct 10, 2016

Mayor Pete Buttigieg doesn't want to be confined by labels and he's working hard to make sure South Bend isn't either. In a rustbelt economy once labeled as one of America's dying cities, he is re-inventing the city by using the structures of the past to create new business for today.

In this video, Pete talks about how economic prosperity has to mean prosperity for all. “There’s no way we can succeed if we’re divided”. In 2016, ya’ll! (4:00)


When Buttigieg ran for DNC Chair in 2017, he did so because he felt the Democratic party needed a change in direction. He was talked into dropping out of the race and his concession speech is one of the most powerful he’s ever given.

Keynote Speech at the 2018 IDCCA Chairs’ Brunch, aug 16, 2018

Joe Biden cancelled at the last minute, so they got an unknown mayor from Indiana to fill in. The attendees were disappointed—until Pete opened his mouth. This is a fantastic speech—Pete is really fired up and minces no words over the White House.


Mayor Peter Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana talks about democratic aspirations and values of the American Midwest. The show is The Open Mind.

the most interesting mayor in the world, august, 2018

We have no idea who made this video teasing Pete about being named “the most interesting mayor in the world” by the Washington Post, but we approve!

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES in South Bend - Mar 2018

In March 2018, students in South Bend walked out of schools and held a rally for March For Our Lives. Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke at the event about gun violence.

Mayor Buttigieg - Fels Commencement Speech 2017- May 14, 2017

The 2017 Fels Graduation Ceremony took place on Sunday, May 14th. The spring commencement speech was delivered by Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, IN and candidate for D.N.C. Chairman. A Rhodes Scholar, Buttigieg studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Oxford and holds a bachelor's degree in History and Literature from Harvard. Prior to becoming mayor, Buttigieg worked for McKinsey & Company, where he worked in economic development, energy, retail, and logistics.

Pete launches Youth Task Force in South Bend - Mar 31, 2017

Vintage mayoral video. A local news station covers the new Youth Task Force Pete started in order to try to build young leaders, get them involved in the city government, and get youth of different backgrounds and neighborhoods to work together and find common ground. This is an early seed of his National Service Program.

how does philosophy guide local government?, est 2012?

Join South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Peter Buttigieg, and Dr. Meghan Sullivan (Rev. John A. O'Brien Collegiate Chair and Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame) for an engaging interview about the ways that Kant, Rawls, and philosophy in general shape local government.

I haven’t been able to find a reliable date for this discussion, but it appears to have been around 2012.

McKinley Primary Center photo shoot - oct, 2016

Pete with kids! There are some adorable hugs at around :30.


Mayor Pete Buttigieg reads "Goodnight Owl" by Greg Pizzoli for a fun Summer Reading Challenge 2016 Storytime. Watch and enjoy! SJCPL Jr. at St. Joseph County Public Library.

Your kids will love this. And you might find it soothing yourself after a bad day!

Mayor Pete and the Riverlights Music Festival 2017

Funny video of Mayor Pete and crew promoting the South Bend Riverlights Festival.

This is the kind of content I want coming out of the White House!

riverlights blooper reel, may 18, 2016

Fun blooper reel from a shoot for a festival promo in South Bend. Starring… Mayor Pete Buttigieg.


Mayor Pete Buttigieg reads "Goodnight Owl" by Greg Pizzoli for a fun Summer Reading Challenge 2016 Storytime. Watch and enjoy! SJCPL Jr. at St. Joseph County Public Library

we the kids interview with mayor pete buttigeig, Dec 20, 2014

Super cute video of Pete being interviewed by a bunch of kids. He knows how to speak their language.

Lieutenant buttigeig skypes in to south bend tv news, Aug, 2014

Pete checks in with a local news station during his deployment.

Lieutenant buttigeig sends 4th of july greetings, Jul 4, 2014

While serving in Afghanistan, Pete sends 4th of July greetings home to South Bend. Awesome.

ethics in government lecture, notre dame, feb 14, 2013

Governing for the Greater Good: Politics as Public Service. This lecture Pete gave at Notre Dame in 2013 is classic early Buttigieg. It’s remarkable how many of his current beliefs and talking points are evident in this lecture. Even then he was dedicated to public service, equality, and the common good.

TEN YEARS HENCE lecture, notre dame, aPR 9, 2012

Mayor Pete Buttigieg gives a lecture at Notre Dame’s business school about governing.

Mayor-elect pete buttigieg works on transition team, dec 2011

Newly elected Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about his plans for South Bend and works with his transition team to prepare taking over.