oh snap! Viral moments


Pete Buttigieg / Pete For America videos. These are short & sassy (and sometimes profound) clips of Pete


On trump refusing to debate - Jan 3, 2020

If Trump refuses to debate, it’ll show that he’s weak…. Wait to bait him, Pete!

“I’ve been a believer longer than he’s been republican - Jan 4, 2020

Pete counters another Trump insult with fire.


they’re just gonna have to get used to it

At an Iowa rally Nov 3, 2019 - Pete is asked how countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia, where it’s illegal to be gay, will interact with a gay US president. Huge applause.

the american president shouldn’t be looked on with pity

Pete talks about the General Assembly Trump speech.

Three knock out blows

CNN’s Jake Tapper asks about Trump’s interference in Navy discipline, a senator’s criticism of Vindman, and Trump’s saying Pete can’t handle Kim Jong Un. Pete responds with FIRE. Nov 22, 2019

I feel sorry for him. It is literally pathetic

Pete responds to #Sharpiegate on CNN New Day. Very powerful response to Trump’s mental incompetence.

I’d like to see him make a deal with Xi Jinping.

Great one-liner from the September debates.

this president is a walking conflict of interest

Pete nails not only Trump but his entire family. State of the Union, Oct 13, 2019

they have him by the…

From Pete’s Aug 22, 2019 Portland Maine stump speech. Trump proposed gun background checks… until he talked to the NRA.

G7 - Patted the president on the head

While the “grown ups” met on climate on G7.

Please Step aside

During the CNN Climate Town Hall on Sept 4, 2019, Buttigieg was asked what he’s say to Trump about climate in a debate.

looking the other way on racism

On State of the Union, Pete says voting for Trump is “at best looking the other way on racism” and proceeds to outline Trump’s current strategy.

my north star as president

From Pete’s NARAL town hall on Aug 21, 2019. A moving moment in which Buttigieg talks about what will be his North Star as president.

how we end our day

An amusing little moment of comedic gold between Pete and Chasten. From the Victory Fun Endrosement event.

Is America ready for a gay president?

At Fairfield, Iowa on Aug 15, 2019. Funny audience response.

riding the big slide with a fan

Iowa State Fair Aug 13, 2019. A young fan asks Pete to ride the big slide with him.

fat-shaming and greenland - Aug 16, 2019

Asked about Trump fat-sharming at his rally and his reputed interest in buying Greenland. Pete talks about “glass houses” <cough> and says Greenland is “okay without our help.”

we’ve got a president incapable of bringing people together

CNN Aug 6, 2019. Re: the El Paso/Dayton shootings.

are guns a tool or a false god?

Getting to the heart of the problem with gun culture. On State of the Union Aug 4, 2019

I’ve never met anyone who deserved to kill

Jake Tapper asks Buttigieg about capitol punishment. Proufound. Aug 4, 2019

i’m not afraid this president

Mic drop on CNN Cuomo, Jul 29, 2019


Oh this is super fun! A 6 minutes compilation of Pete/Trump quips. Made by Mayor Pete Buttigieg Moments. Video links to their YouTube channel.

the president thinks you’re a sucker

Detroit rally, Jul 29, 2019

like the rooster who thinks he made the sun come up

Another great one-liners. Ankeny, IA, Jul 26 2019


From an L.A. fundraiser Jul 26, 2019. A kid asks Pete “What are you going to do to keep kids safe?” Pete gives an emotional answer.

incompetence and cruelty

Pete talks about why the border crisis benefits Trump more than solving the problem. Fundraiser Jul 2019. Repeat Pete video.

Lately he’s been trying to get my attention. Poor fella.

Pete zings Trump. Nashville stump speech, Jul 17, 2019 (at 32:14)


…as the fire aimed at my base in Afghanistan (2:00)
Also: “There are committed racists who won’t vote for me and that’s OK (4:57)
”This president needs us divided.” (3:22)


FRom the first debates, Jun 27, 2019

Would pence would be a better president than trump?

From the first CNN town hall. Includes the “porn star presidency” line.

“I may not be a master fisherman, but i know bait when I see it.”

This was during Pete’s second town hall on CNN hosted by Anderson Cooper.

Your Quarrel is with my creator

From the Victory Fund speech, Apr 7, 2019

Pete is asked about trump’s alfred e. newman insult - take 1

“It’s a generational thing.” Ouch! Discussed on The View.

Pete is asked about trump’s alfred e. newman insult - take 2

Pete’s glad he could inspire Trump to elevate his game.

I don’t care/grotesque things

From Fox Town Hall - “What do you think of Trump’s tweets?” (At 1:57)

I felt pretty involved when I was in afghanistan

Pete stands up to the ladies of The View. (At 4:51)

I was packing my bags for afghanistan….

From Donny Deutsch, May 4, 2019 - (At 6:27)

you can’t load a dishwasher…

From Brooklyn, Apr 15, 2019 - (At 23:08)


From Dover NH Stump speech - (At 23:20)

Za-ing. Pete drops the mic about his foreign policy chops

From Morning Joe, Apr 18, 2019 - (At 2:29)

Mr. President, children are suffering

From Donny Deutsch, Jun 30, 2019 - (At 7:16)

progressive greetings from mike pence’s indiana

At a protest over the Muslim country flight ban, Jun 30, 2017 - (At 1:11)

I'll Use "Crazy Uncle Management" Skills On Trump

Clip from interview with Robert Costa of the Washington Post - May 23, 2019